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Dalian Guangchuan Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd
Dalian Guangchuan Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise recognized and supported by the government of Dalian Hi-tech Zone; the eighth batch of overseas students’entrepreneurship enterprises in Dalian Hi-tech Zone. The company was founded on January 28, 2018. In the future, it will mainly engage in the production, research and development of high-quality optical fiber deep processing, as well as the production of optical fiber sensors and the core components of optical fiber lasers, such as FBG. Products mainly face domestic high-end market, overseas market promotion, etc.

The company has a group of overseas elites, who are from Canada and Silicon Valley of the United States, who are responsible for technology leadership. At present, it has reached strategic cooperation with Dalian Maritime University and Changchun University of Technology to meet the market demand and win-win cooperation.

The company’s factory is located in ShuangD Port, Dalian Development Zone, and finished the decoration of the 10,000-grade clean room in November 2018. It has obtained the inspection of the authoritative third-party inspection organization and the 10,000-grade certificate. The core component of the sensor, FBG, is manufactured by the company itself.

Our company team performance demonstration (optical fiber sensor scheme):
1. The underwater pressure sensing system of the Three Gorges Dam;
2. Safety monitoring system of Bird’s Nest in Beijing Olympic Games;
3. Safety monitoring system of the whole building of Beijing New Airport;
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News Information

Zhou changlong, chairman of the board of directors of the company participated in the "wisdom zhangjiagang" national entrepreneurship compet

  • 02
    Optical technician
    About 3 years working experience is required. FBG is preferred.

    Major in optics or laser is preferred;
  • 07
    Fiber Bragg grating sensor sales manager
    To have about 3 years of sales experience in a power plant or nuclear power plant

    Resources are preferred;
  • 07
    FBG sales manager
    Experience and resources in optical research institutes are preferred; Knowledge of certain technology is preferred;