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  • 2017
    2017.12.18 "Prague Fiber Bragg Grating Project" shortlisted
    The “Hai Chuang Project” of the eighth batch of overseas students’ entrepreneurship week
  • 2018
    Dalian guangchuan optoelectronic technology co., LTD. Was established
  • 2018

    Zhou changlong, chairman of the board of directors of the company, participated in the "wisdom zhangjiagang" on behalf of the company.

    National entrepreneurship competition shenzhen division finals, and won the good third prize


  • 2018

    President of the company zhou changlong and our company specially invite overseas experts (the United States

    On behalf of Dr. LEI, Mr. LEI of silicon valley, attended the "wisdom zhang"

    Home port "national entrepreneurship competition final, and obtained" excellent

    Show award for good performance

  • 2018

    Zhou changlong, chairman of the company, participated in the 2018 China international patent transaction

    Conference, and speak at the meeting, on our company's project related issues,

    Interact well with field experts and investment institutions

  • 2018

    Zhou changlong, chairman of the company, participated in the 7th China innovation and entrepreneurship in 2018

    Competition (dalian competition area) and the fourth dalian science and technology entrepreneurship competition

    In the final, he finished sixth

  • 2018

    Li haiyong, general manager of northeast region company of shenzhen innovation investment group

    Visit our company; In terms of the development of our company's projects, as well as

    Team building and other topics for in-depth communication and discussion

  • 2018

    Our company and dalian development zone shuangd port guangshen cross-border e-commerce industrial park

    Signed the strategic cooperation agreement, regarding the site selection of the plant of our company,

    Conduct in-depth discussions and reach long-term cooperation intention

  • 2018

    Liu yuhang, director and deputy general manager of the otc market department of jianghai securities, came to me

    Division visit, about the project market prospects and the depth of the future

    Into the possibility of cooperation, and talk about it for a long time; And look forward to the future

    Keep close communication with the development of the company

  • 2018
    Wanhao clean room finished
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