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Wavelength-locked grating

Wavelength-locked fiber grating can effectively improve the output power of the light source and the accuracy and reliability of the output wavelength, reduce the spectral mode hopping of the pumped laser, and reduce the fluctuation of the optical power caused by the temperature change and the change of the pump driving current, so it can significantly improve the performance of the pumped laser.

The wavelength locking device manufactured by our company is suitable for laser diodes of 980 and 1480 nm wavelength. According to different laser locking requirements, wavelength locked grating can be single grating or double grating design.

High accuracy of wavelength control locking;
High side mode rejection ratio;
Compliance with Telcordia standard
Compliance with RoHS standard;

Pumped laser
Raman Pumped Laser

The atlas is shown in the picture: