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Chirped grating

Chirped grating can be realized by changing the grating period along the axis or the refractive index along the axis. The grating period of chirped fiber grating is not constant, but changes along the axis. Different grid periods correspond to different Bragg reflection wavelengths, and the incident light of different wavelengths reflects at different positions of chirped fiber gratings. By modifying the intensity of grating depth to achieve predetermined gain compensation, it can be used as gain flattening filter. In addition, the chirped grating has a wide bandwidth, and can also be used as a broadband filter and distributed sensing element.

Up to 60 nm bandwidth;
Rapid sampling and acquisition;
Low insertion loss

Gain Flat Filter for EDFA and ASE Light Sources
Broadband filter for CWDM system
Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor
Dispersion compensation

The atlas is shown in the picture: