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Fiber Laser Grating

Fiber Bragg Grating for Laser is Yb-doped double-clad fiber and double-clad fiber is waveguide medium. Its core diameter is very small, which limits a very few laser modes in the core. It is easy to form high power density, and the inner cladding structure can ensure high power semiconductor pumping, so it can improve the pumping efficiency and gain. Fiber laser grating is based on the reflection characteristics of Bragg grating written in the core of fiber waveguide. Its main application is that a stable laser resonator is composed of a high-reflection and output coupler, and the output wavelength of the laser is selected by the output coupler.

Precise wavelength matching;
Wide bandwidth and reflectivity range;
High Power Processing
RoHS standard

Fiber Laser and Pumped Laser
Sensor grating

Product Description:
The change of stress, strain, temperature and concentration will cause the change of effective refractive index or grating period, which will lead to the change of resonant wavelength of FBG. Fiber Bragg Grating Array (FBG) is an array of gratings written on the same fiber, which is suitable for long-distance and multi-point simultaneous testing. Fiber Bragg Grating Array (FBG) can improve the stability and reliability of the system and simplify the whole sensing system.

It is free from electromagnetic interference and explosion-proof.
Large dynamic range;
High Tensile Strength
Small size and light weight

Sensor monitoring
Distributed Sensing System

The atlas is shown in the picture: